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    Surry County – Mount Airy, NC

Located in Western-North North Carolina, Surry county sits along the bottom of the Virginia border a small way from Winston-Salem and is surrounded by views of both the Sauratown and Blue Ridge Mountains.  Home of the City of Mount Airy, the county seat, Surry county was known for its textiles, furniture, and tobacco as well as nearby Pilot Mountain.

The Law Office of Jason L Wilson location is at 129 Moore Avenue, located just a block off Main St and behind the Mount Airy Chamber of Commerce.

The City of Mount Airy is most famously known as “Mayberry”, the birth place of Andy Griffith. Mount Airy has a population just over 10,000. Mount Airy was awarded the “All America City” Award in 1994 as well as claimed to be the first city in the nation to win the STAR award for its superb safety program. Life in Mount Airy echoes that of Mayberry, NC. The popular Andy Griffith Show mentioned numerous places and people from Mount Airy during the shows run.

Mount Airy Social Security Disability Attorney Jason L Wilson

When people are disabled and cannot work, they sometimes just surrender to their conditions. They may believe that they will have to go through each work day in pain or watch their savings gradually dwindle due to never-ending medical bills. You may not realize that you qualify for financial assistance through Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) benefits.

The Social Security disability claims process can be confusing and claimants often have questions about their eligibility. Beyond this initial uncertainty, the approval process is time-consuming without an advocate to guide you through. One meeting with a qualified attorney who routinely handles these matters, like Jason L Wilson, can get you closer to the benefits you deserve.

At The Law Offices of Jason L Wilson we are dedicated to individuals and families just like yours. We understand the struggles you endure, and we are here to make life a bit easier. We your Social Security Disability claim from start to finish. We know that perseverance is one of the keys to gaining SSDI benefits, which is why we stand by you until the end.

Social Security Disability Applications and Denial

When someone is disabled and cannot work, routine tasks become difficult endeavors. Our experienced professionals are available to help you bear that burden. Instead of dealing with piles of forms, confusing documentation, and hope that the proper procedures were followed, we handle the entire matter while keeping you informed every step of the way. When we present SSDI applications, our clients can have confidence that the paperwork was meticulously prepared and the claim is off to a good start.

Your inability to work is how the government considers whether you qualify for Social Security Disability in Surry County. You are considered disabled if:

  • You cannot do the work you did before
  • It’s decided that you cannot adjust to other type of work because of your medical conditions
  • Your disability is likely to last for at least one year or to result in death.

It may seem like a couple of simple steps to apply for Social Security Disability, but applying for Social Security Benefits in Surry County, NC is a complicated legal process. You have to prove you are “disabled” according to the legal definition. However, it is important to keep in mind because of the fear of fraud that many North Carolina disability claims are denied. Jason L Wilson has years of experience leading claimants down the path to victory. We can help you recognize why a claim may have been denied. Jason L Wilson and his team are well experienced in getting you the claims you deserve.

The Law Offices of Jason L Wilson is just the attorney you would be looking for to appeal your claim.  You can also lose your case if an appeal is handled improperly, but At The Law Office of Jason L Wilson, we handle all types of appeals, reconsideration’s, and hearings successfully on behalf of you by personally assisting every client in Surry County.

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