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    Iredell County – Statesville, NC

Iredell County is in the central section of the state, with Statesville, NC as its County seat, sits about 45 miles North of North Carolinas largest city, Charlotte. The name Iredell, originally Eyredale, dates back to year 1066 to the Battle of Hastings, and it means “a valley of flowing air.”

The Law Office of Jason L Wilson proudly serves all claimants across Iredell County, and will be there through your entire time of need!

Statesville was originally known as the Fourth Creek Settlement, named after Fourth Creek and was established as a “site for the courthouse and stocks.” The population of this county seat in Iredell County is just shy of 27,000. The city was built on herbs, tobacco and liquor which built most of the downtown buildings in Statesville.

Statesville Social Security Disability Attorney Jason L Wilson

Social Security Disability Programs are put in place to help those who suffer from a disabling injury. These benefits are accessible depending on where and what kind of injury you suffer from.  If you’re injured severely enough that you’ll be disabled for a long period of time, you may be eligible to benefit from Social Security disability.

Sometimes there are problems when trying to collect Social Security, however.  Fraud is a major concern for the government and a large majority of Iredell County residents are denied on their first claim. Reach out to our office for a free consultation with Attorney Jason Wilson.

Social Security Disability Benefits

There are very specific guidelines as to what qualifies as disability to the government. The first thing is that you must not be able to do any part of the job that you used to, as well as you must not be able to adjust to a new type of work. Lastly, your time on disability must last over a year of being out of work. When you meet all three of these requirements in Iredell County you will be eligible to qualify for Social Security Disability Benefits.

However, not everything works out as simple as just following the qualifications above.  Many Statesville residents get denied the first time they file a claim, and it can be frustrating when you get a denial. Unfortunately, the government looks for reasons to be suspicious of claims because too many people have tried defraud the system.  However, for those who deserve the benefits in Iredell County, there is good news. The Law Office of Jason L Wilson in Statesville is willing to fight for YOU to retain the benefits that you deserve. Jason Wilson will be in your corner from beginning to the end of your claims process. It doesn’t matter if you are getting ready to file your application or you have already applied, and got denied, The Law Office of Jason L Wilson will appeal the case on your behalf to greatly increase your chances for a successful claim or appeal and get you the Social Security Disability Benefits you deserve.

Receive a Free Consultation with Attorney Jason L Wilson personally and learn how, different from other attorneys, you will be his #1 priority throughout the entire process.

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