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Dedicated Disability Lawyer in Winston Salem

Our mission at the Law Offices of Jason L Wilson is to help disabled individuals and their families in Winston Salem, NC receive the financial assistance they need through Social Security Disability. We serve the entire Forsyth County area, with our Winston Salem office at 111 North Chesnut St just a block and a half from the Federal Court house, Forsyth Detention Center, and near the Forsyth County Register of deeds.  If you or one of your loved ones in the Winston Salem area and have suffered a debilitating injury that prevents you or them from working, Social Security disability benefits could help you move on in your life.

Winston-Salem North Carolina is home to over 7,000 tourism professionals making it one of the oldest destinations in North Carolina to visit. A historic city to its roots, Winston-Salem has developed into a hip spot for dining, arts, sports, and living.  Its downtown features a small town feel but with big city amenities.  Lauded as a city on the rise, Winston-Salem ranks in the top of the nation for small business growth and attractive housing.

Visitors look forward to traveling to Winston-Salem NC for sipping wine in the nearby Yadkin Valley or hiking in one our numerous state owned parks. There are many reasons to be encouraged to visit Winston-Salem, from vintage to modern and Jason L Wilson Attorney at law  has been fighting for the rights of Winston residents for over 15 years.

Social Security disability matters is all we do at the Law Offices of Jason L Wilson.  The single point of contact relationship with Jason Wilson will comfort you as he guides you through every step of the filing and claims process.  Jason Wilson has over a decade of experience with Social Security Disability and has helps hundreds of Forsyth families receive the benefits they need and deserve.

Winston-Salem Social Security Disability Lawyer

The Social Security Administration (SSA) has two programs for providing benefits for those who are unable to work: Social Security Disability Insurance benefits (SSDI) and Supplemental Security Income (SSI).  As a general rule, you should sign up for both programs.

Social Security Disability Insurance Benefits (SSDI) are benefits for people who have earned enough work credits by working and paying Medicare and Social Security taxes. The general rule to determine eligibility for SSDI benefits is whether you worked five out of the last ten years, earning a minimum amount as set forth by the Social Security Administration.  You should be eligible if the answer is “yes.”

You can also check your eligibility by looking at your annual Social Security earnings statement, sent to you by the Social Security Administration.  Your prior earnings will determine the benefit amount.

Supplemental Security Income (SSI) are benefits intended for people with less work history, children, or non-payment into the system. This is a needs-based program.  Benefits are affected by the financial assets, household income, or other benefits/income received. It should be noted that there are limits to household income/assets.  Exceeding the limits could potentially cause a medically disabled person to be unable to qualify for benefits.

Jason L Wilson Attorney at Law represents clients in their appeals process to receive Social Security Disability Benefits all throughout Winston-Salem and Forsyth County, and assists them in going over the options best suited for their individual situations. Don’t get frustrated if you get denied! Being denied is only the first step!

Are You Eligible For Social Security Disability Benefits?

You must meet certain qualifications to determine if you are considered disabled or not. If you do not fit into any of the categories below, they will immediately deny your claim.

Answer the questions below to see if you will initially qualify:

  • Are You Working?

The application will not be approved if the individual makes more than a designated amount each month.

  • Is Your Condition Severe?

To be considered ‘disabled,’ your medical condition must severely limit you from carrying out basic activities and have lasted or expected to last for at least a year or unfortunately result in death.

  • Can You Perform The Work You Were Doing Before?

The disability must prevent you from continuing the kind of work you were doing before you became disabled. Your claim will be reviewed and then a decision will be made whether you are capable of performing your most recent job or not.

  • Are You Capable Of Performing Any Other Type Of Work?

You will be evaluated to see if you would be able to do other types of work in a different field to earn an income. If they deem you able to them you would not be considered “disabled”.

Can Jason L Wilson Help You With Your Claim?

YES!!  Jason has over a decade of experience successfully fighting and winning Social Security Disability benefits for his clients. Social Security Disability in Winston Salem, NC can be a difficult and confusing experience for a Forsyth County resident, but with a knowledgeable and caring attorney on your side like Jason L Wilson your chances of being approved will greatly increase! While every case is different, and outcomes aren’t guaranteed, Jason L Wilson has a proven track record in Winston Salem Social Security Disability cases and will work with you one on one until the final outcome is determined.

Claims can sometimes be denied because there was a simple error on the paperwork or they didn’t include enough medical evidence. Attorney Jason L Wilson will help to gather everything you need to receive benefits. We will help you with

Preparing Your Claim

We assist each client in Forsyth County with gathering all personal information, medical records, referrals, employment history, and everything you needed in the application.

It can be difficult to compile all the information you need because the SSA requires an extensive amount to prove your condition and your inability to work in Winston Salem NC. Jason L Wilson will ensure that your application isn’t missing any necessary paperwork, so that you avoid a denied claim and to expedite the application process.

Coordinating With The Social Security Administration (SSA)

The SSA may have questions or require further information in order to move your application forward. Jason L Wilson understands that you may not have the time or physical capacity to handle the SSA alone, and that is why he will coordinate with the SSA representatives.  All while keeping you updated on the status of your claim.

What Can you Expect While Appealing a Claim?

Denied Disability Insurance Claim

It seems amazing, but “Nearly 64% of all initial disability claims are denied” According to the Social Security Disability Resource Center.  Claims are denied for various reasons, but it doesn’t mean that you cannot still receive the Disability benefits you deserve in Winston Salem, NC. The frustration of a denial can be overwhelming, but Jason L Wilson has the experience and knowledge to walk beside you down that road.  At the Law Office of Jason L Wilson, we will go over your options with you and guide you through your appeal process.


Here’s what to expect if you’re denied benefits in Forsyth County:

Request For Reconsideration

After receiving a denial, Attorney Jason L Wilson will file a request on your behalf for a reconsideration. Any new documents or evidence that is submitted by Jason or yourself will be reevaluated by the claims examiner.


You may be able to have a hearing in front of a judge if your request for reconsideration is also denied. Jason L Wilson has over a decade of experience in disability hearings and can prepare you for questions you may be asked during the hearing, question expert witnesses to support your claim, and argue a strong case in front of the judge.

Appeals Council

If the judge denies your claim, The Law Office of Jason L Wilson will appeal on your behalf before the Appeals Council.  Many times, in this case they generally uphold the decision of the judge, however, Jason L Wilson will fight to protect your rights.

Why Hire Jason L Wilson?

  • Attorney Jason L Wilson has helped countless disabled individuals and their families around Winston Salem and Forsyth County to obtain the financial assistance they need.
  • If you’re unable to travel to our offices, we’re happy to come to you.
  • One-on-On personal attention from Attorney Jason L Wilson from beginning to end
  • We handle appeals at both the administrative level before the Social Security Administration’s Appeals Council, and in the United States District Courts and the United States Court of Appeals. We will accept cases on appeal that have been lost by other lawyers at disability hearings.
  • We take that responsibility seriously.

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There’s no fee until you receive SSDI or SSI benefits.

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